Gites de Laprade, Limousin -  'Gorge de Loup' Lake
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Gited de Laprade/Gorge de Loup Gites Limousin
Gites de Laprade
Gites de Laprade and Gorge de Loup


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Gites de Laprade/ Gorge de Loup

March 2011

Gorge de Loup

Just a quick up-date to let you know that, now the weather has improved, we can move on with the work at gorge de loup. The electrics will be sorted as soon as we get back from the UK with some bits and pieces, towards the end of this month (March). The water system is all in place and ready for testing as is the 'top-of-the-range' chemical loo we've installed.  I am sure that when we test everything with the new elecrticity system that it will be all stations go. We are definately going to be open for business from easter, so, if you think our 'glamping' and fishing paradise is for you, then get in touch!!!!          

Spring at last 2011

Well the Grues definately think that Spring has arrived, they'v
e been flying north, by the thousand over our house for about the last month.
Our garden is starting to come back to life and we have spent a lot of time with new planting, mostly down in our 'wild' garden at the end of the lake. We have planted about a dozen rhododendrons in lots of different colours, they should really look good. the small pond down there has lots of frog spawn so we should get plenty of frogs, if the herons leave them alone!!!   We also have four ducks visiting this spring, one drake and four mallard ducks, hopefully we'll see lots of ducklings in a little while.  Have a look at the website for some more pics.  Hope to see you soon.