Gites de Laprade, Limousin -  'Gorge de Loup' Lake
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Gited de Laprade/Gorge de Loup Gites Limousin
Gites de Laprade
Gites de Laprade and Gorge de Loup


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Gites de Laprade/ Gorge de Loup

April 2012


Well Spring is definately here, at least Mrs Mallard thinks so!  She very proudly showed off her brood of 12 chicks the other day, in spite of the wind, rain and hail. The weather has been very wierd this year, we had a very mild January and everything started to grow and then WHAM, February arrived and we had
-23 and temps not above -7 in the day, funnily enough averything was killed off, the lake froze and, for the first time since we've been here, the river froze as well.  March arrived with soaring temperatures, into the 20s, and lovely sunny days then, April came and we've had everything from sun (not much), rain, hail and very strong winds. Never mind, things are supposed to get back to normal next week with the return of the sun, we really hope so as, I'm sure the water table must be back to normal now.
Work has been on-going at Gorge de Loup, with some tree felling and the imminent installation of the solar panel, then all stations go for testing and ensuring everything is ready for our first guests of the season in June.
So, hope to see you soon at Gorge de Loup or, here at Gites de Laprade.