Gites de Laprade, Limousin -  'Gorge de Loup' Lake
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Gited de Laprade/Gorge de Loup Gites Limousin
Gites de Laprade
Gites de Laprade and Gorge de Loup


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Gites de Laprade/ Gorge de Loup

Gited de Laprade/Gorge de Loup Gites Limousin

Website Facelift

Just done a facelift on the website!!! Please check it out and, have a look at the photos of Weir Cottage's interior. It's all been painted and has a brand new shower and vanity unit in the bathroom!!! 

Happy 2015

We would like to wish all our guests, old and new a very Happy & Healthy 2015.
We had a very good 2014 and met some lovely people, hopefully we'll see them again.
Our news just now is that we have had the bathroom in Weir Cottage completely refurbished with a large shower and new vanity unit, I will put some pics on as soon as I take them, hopefully this week.
We are looking forward to the coming year with some good bookings already but, we still have some availability so, please get in touch.

2014 Prices

I have just been up-dating the website and I am very happy to say that, for 2014 we will be keeping our prices the same.  Please have a look at and see if we can tempt you to pay us a visit next year or, later this year of course!!! 


Spring seems to have arrived at last, coincidentaly with the official first day of Spring, yesterday.  We have all sorts of spring flowers, We have also had the return of our temporary visitor, the Osprey. We are a bit divided about him, he's  a stunning bird but, just after I got this shot today, he went off with one of Brian's fish, I don't think it was one of the Koi but, I can't be sure!!!
The 'grues' (cranes) did their spring migration earlier this month so, it appears that things are on the up, as far as the weather is concerned - it's forecast sunny and 18 degrees tomorrow, hurrah.  Thanks for taking the time to look at the website and my blogs, hope you all have a lovely summer, when it arrives.


OOOppppssss. Very sorry, I forgot to say thankyou to everyone for their kind comments on our Blog and, also for kind comments on our mobile website. Please keep up the viewings and any comments you may have.


Well after a busy season we've had a chill out and now getting ready for Christmas. We have had a couple of good trips this year,  one to St Cirque Lapopie  (picture on right) and another to Chartres and the cathedral.  It's pretty cold here and I think that winter is definately here.  Anyway, after a quick trip back to the UK, we'll be on with the Christmas lights and decorations, I'll try to put some pics on when they're done. Our Christmas tree is about 50ft high now and, thanks to a good friend, we have lights almost to the top. We hope that you all have a fantastic Xmas and a Happy and Healthy 2013. Hope to see you for a visit next year.


Well Spring is definately here, at least Mrs Mallard thinks so!  She very proudly showed off her brood of 12 chicks the other day, in spite of the wind, rain and hail. The weather has been very wierd this year, we had a very mild January and everything started to grow and then WHAM, February arrived and we had
-23 and temps not above -7 in the day, funnily enough averything was killed off, the lake froze and, for the first time since we've been here, the river froze as well.  March arrived with soaring temperatures, into the 20s, and lovely sunny days then, April came and we've had everything from sun (not much), rain, hail and very strong winds. Never mind, things are supposed to get back to normal next week with the return of the sun, we really hope so as, I'm sure the water table must be back to normal now.
Work has been on-going at Gorge de Loup, with some tree felling and the imminent installation of the solar panel, then all stations go for testing and ensuring everything is ready for our first guests of the season in June.
So, hope to see you soon at Gorge de Loup or, here at Gites de Laprade.

Is winter over??

Poor little Robin with his feathers puffed out, trying to keep warmFrozen lake and shuttered house, trying to keep warmThe first time we've had the river freezing up!!                                                   Well, after we have had the coldest winter/February since 1985, temperatures got down to -22 during the night and didn't get much above -5 on a good day!! I think that Spring might be on it's way, I have seen the first of the Cranes over the house, heading north for the summer so, they definitely think it is, lets hope they've got it right. We hope that, now we are thawing out, we get to welcome some of our old friends back again soon and, obviously we are looking forward to meeting all our new guests that are booked in for their first visit. ost here.


View of the lakeCabinbathroom
kithchen areastairs and mezzanine bedroom arealounge area
fireplaceconservatory/loungeRecent catches
Latest News for Gorge de Loup!!
We have had our first guests at the lake, George and Pam, along with their little dog Archie, stayed for a week at the end August/Sept.  They were very understanding people, even when the door handle broke when I tried to let them in!!  We had to iron out a couple of glitches ie; sorting out how often we needed to charge up the batteries and we have a new battery for the water pump. We now have an extra battery on the main line and, for next year we will have a solar panel to keep the batteries charged up so, we shouldn't have to run the generator very often.
As for the fishing, Pam caught her PB, a 15lb common and the biggest fish that George caught was a 24.5lb mirror. (Though the record for the lake remains 32lb, caught last year). They both say that they had a lovely relaxing week and really enjoyed the fishing, having the lake to themselves.
So, if you like what you see, please check out the website, I will be putting on more pics and the prices for 2012. Thanks for looking and, I hope we see you soon.

Gorge de Loup

Just a quick up-date to let you know that, now the weather has improved, we can move on with the work at gorge de loup. The electrics will be sorted as soon as we get back from the UK with some bits and pieces, towards the end of this month (March). The water system is all in place and ready for testing as is the 'top-of-the-range' chemical loo we've installed.  I am sure that when we test everything with the new elecrticity system that it will be all stations go. We are definately going to be open for business from easter, so, if you think our 'glamping' and fishing paradise is for you, then get in touch!!!!