Gites de Laprade, Limousin -  'Gorge de Loup' Lake
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French TV Francais
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Tour de France
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'Le Tour' 2016 in the Limousin!!


Gited de Laprade/Gorge de Loup Gites Limousin
Gites de Laprade
Gites de Laprade and Gorge de Loup


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Gites de Laprade/ Gorge de Loup

Gites de Laprade

French TV Francais

Bonjour, je suis très heureux de laisser nos invités qui parlent français, savons que nous avons maintenant la télévision française et anglaise à Weir Cottage et River Cottage.

Check out the Website updates

Hello just a brief message to ask you to check out the website, I have been updating it and giving it a new look. Hope you approve. If you like what you see, get in touch to book your holiday this year, don't forget, Gites de Laprade..... a great place to relax!

Tour de France

Tour de France!
For the first time since we moved here, 'Le Tour' is passing by us and what is really great it finishes in Limoges on Tuesday 5th July and then starts again from the city on Wednesday the 6th.
En route to Limoges on Tuesday afternoon, the cyclists pass only 10 minutes (by car)away from the gites!! We will be there to watch and cheer them on their way, enjoying a picnic and the odd glass of wine in a spot with a great view. If you would like to join us then get in touch to reserve your place and book a gite!!

Latest News

Latest News!
Both our gites have now had a lovely face-lift! They have had a fresh coat of paint inside but the biggest changes are the new showers in both bathrooms and the lovely new paved terrace at River Cottage. Please have a look at the new photos on the website, there are lots of nice new ones. I hope that you like the new looks and the photos, please let me know what you think. Talking of face-lifts, the website has had one too, hope you like those changes too.

'Le Tour' 2016 in the Limousin!!

Exciting Times!!
This year (2016) the Tour de France is coming through the Limousin on the 5th/6th July and, good news, it will passing not too far from Gites de Laprade!!! The other piece of good news is that we still have a gite available for you to come and watch this amazing show. So if you want to come and join us and enjoy all the excitement that is 'Le Tour', get in touch to book your place!


Well, I think Spring might be on it's way back to Gites de Laprade.   After the wettest few months  most of us can remember, the sun has come back and things seem to be coming back to life, we even had a butterfly round today!!  
In the view you can see both gites, Weir cottage is partly in the trees on the left and River Cottage is the red roofed building. Everything looks so much better in the sunshine, even if the trees aren't back in leaf yet but, it won't be long not if the Quince (pictured) is anything to go by.  Hope to see you soon.

New Options

Hi, Got a couple of new options for our customers, we hope they'll be of interest.

Firstly; we are offering a final day cleaning service for you, this means that you don't have to spend your last hours cleaning the gite! We will do it for you for  just 40euros.

Secondly; We are happy to offer evening meals to our guests. For just 25euros per person we will supply a 4 course meal and complementary wine!! 

We would appreciate some feedback on these offers ie; would you be intersted and do you think that they are a good idea?

Special Offer for Spring 2013

Happy New Yeareveryone, we hope it's a good one for you.
To help banish the winter blues, flu and viruses that seem to be abundant at the minute, we are offering a very special price for our gites in February and March.!!!!!
Instead of the normal £265 per week, we are offering a week, including heating, linen and towels for just £195.   So, if you're totally fed up and fancy a change of scene and total relaxation, why not come and visit us here in south-west France?
Just get in touch at;, or check out the website ( for other ways of getting in touch) and we'll do our utmost to ensure you have a lovely holiday. N.B. We are also happy to take bookings for longer or shorter breaks, please ask about prices.

River Cottage September Discount

Hope you're not all being washed away with the torrential rain. It's been really hot and sunny here but, last couple of days we've had a few showers.  Anyway, the point of this blog is to let you all know that, as we still have a couple of dates left in September for River Cottage, we are offering a £35 discount, making a week's holiday then just £275. So, if you fancy a break in September, get in touch and I will do my best to sort out a date for you.

Weather and Picture update

Frozen RiverMagnoliaPeregrine FalconNight HeronWe got hail as well. The lake looked like it was boiling!!!Frozen LakeLatest additions, Mallard and 12 chicksWell after the February freeze, we've had every sort of weather you can imagine, from beautiful hot sunny days in March to the wettest April anyone can remember.  But this weather has given me some good photo opportunities, hope you like the ones I've chosen.